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Q1: How to purchase or order online

1. Choose your preferred corset (with size) and proceed to checkout
2. Complete the order form
3. A mail will be sent over to you regarding payment details
To cut short everything, mail us at !
Q2: Delivery
Malaysia – Prices quoted are inclusive of delivery charges
Other countries – Delivery charges will be borne by customer
Delivery will be made within 3 working days upon receipt of payment.
For Pre Order Delivery, the estimated delivery date will be notified upon confirmation of pre order. It is usually at the end of every month.
Q3: The corset I like is out of stock/size! Can I order in advance?
Yes, almost all styles are restockable and open for pre-order. To pre-order, an advanced payment of RM50 will be required, whereas the balance payment is to be made when the corset arrives.
1. Choose your preferred corset (with size) and proceed to checkout
2. Complete the order form
3. A mail will be sent over to you regarding pre order payment details.
OR Drop a mail at
Q4: What are the Modes of Payment?
  • Funds transfer
  • Cash Deposit
  • Paypal (Charges to be borne by customer for purchases below RM50)
Q5 : How to choose a corset online?
Before you decide to purchase, please check measurements of corset as stated against your natural measurement to ensure the most desired results. The measurements are as follows:-
S: Bust (32) Waist (24) Hip (34)
M: Bust (34) Waist (26) Hip (36)
L: Bust (36) Waist (28) Hip (38)
XL: Bust (38) Waist (30) Hip (40)
XXL: Bust (40) Waist (32) Hip (42)
3XL: Bust (42) Waist (34) Hip (44)
4XL: Bust (44) Waist (36) Hip (46)
5XL: Bust (46) Waist (38) Hip (48)
6XL: Bust (48) Waist (40) Hip (50)
**Only selected corsets are available in plus sizes: 3XL – 6XL.
Q6: My measurements do not fit the corset measurements!
Not to worry! Choose the closest bust size, then move on to your waistline.
The natural waistline can be easily cinched to take off two inches, and it can go up to six inches. For example, if your waistline is 28″, your best size would be Size M (waistline: 26″). 
If you’re unsure, mail me at and I’ll advise accordingly.

Q7: Can a corset be worn like a girdle?
Yes, and they were actually meant to be worn as lingerie until lately corsets are made more fashionable to cater to another market =) You should opt for something simple from the Basics Series instead of having frills which may be obvious from the outside.

Q8: Can I wear it as a blouse? Do I need to wear a bra inside?
Yes most definitely! Whether or not you want to wear a bra, it is very dependent on the wearer. However, should you opt to wear a bra, do wear a bra without underwires for better comfort.
Q9: What is boning?
Boning makes up the structure, which is the soul of the corset. The more “bones” the corset has, the better it is.
Most of QueenChloset’s corsets have 11 bones which gives the appropriate amount of support to a garment.
Q10 : How to put on a corset?
Step #1: Loosen the back lacing as loose as the corset will go.

Then put the corset around you and fasten the front bust, zipper or lace up the front grommets. If your corset has a busk start with the 2nd to the bottom busk and work from there.

Step #2: Once the front is fastened you can adjust the modesty flap in the back if necessary and settle the corset into proper position around your natural waist.
Step#3: Reach around your back and pull the loops gently. Then tighten the lacing progressively towards the middle from the top and bottom until you are happy with the fit.

You should feel a pleasant hugging sensation. Always lace down just less that you feel you can tolerate. You want to be comfortable.

Step 4: Now You are ready!

**When you undress, NEVER unbuckle the front first, keep in mind to ALWAYS loosen the back laces prior to unbuckling the corset. Else, the corset will be damaged in no time.

Q11: Corset Care

Due to the steel boning within the corset, you must always keep the corset in a dry place under room temperature, best in the dust bag to prolong lifespan of corset.
Hand wash with mild soap in very cold water. Blot dry by rolling in a towel and squeezing out as much water as possible. Hang in a well-ventilated area (i.e.: in front of a fan) to dry. Do not dry-clean. Store loosely rolled or gently folded in an area large enough to accommodate corset without bending. Do not store corset after washing until thoroughly dry and NEVER WRING IT DRY!

Corset is best not to be shared as the bones and laces adapt to different body and it is meant to be very personal!

QueenChloset sells only pre ordered items which will reach you within a month. For immediate availability, check with us at Dismiss